09: Society as a Complex System - Can we find a safe and just operating space for humanity?, 12.08.2017

09 | 0:00:00 Start 0:00:45 What are the Sustainable Development Goals? 0:02:12 Biophysical Planetary Boundaries – Staying in the Holocene 0:04:11 Social Planetary Boundaries – can we live within the doughnut? 0:04:50 These biophysical and social boundaries are fundamentally different 0:06:09 What is a complex system? 0:08:05 Emergence 0:11:47 Self organization – Attractors 0:14:51 Complexity versus Chaos 0:18:25 History of the world in two graphs: 1, Population and technology 0:20:15 History of the world in two graphs: 2, Population and wealth 0:21:02 Attractors in the Human-Earth system 0:22:38 The Malthusian trap-a social attractor for most of human history 0:26:45 Escaping the Malthusian Trap 0:28:37 In the Post-industrial World, a minimal description of the Human-Earth System must include societal dynamics 0:30:27 We will try to construct a systems description 0:30:59 Population: the Fertility-mortality balance and its link with wealth 0:34:20 The Key Feedback from Mortality to Fertility 0:38:23 Fertility-mortality balance-the effect of urban living 0:39:47 Generation of wealth 0:41:10 Generation of wealth-economic output 0:44:17 Social State 0:52:51 Transitioning between Natural State and Open Access Order 0:57:53 Not a new Idea 0:59:02 Social State 1:00:39 Biospheric State 1:01:27 Tracing the links and feedbacks between the four state variables 1:02:17 Population 1:03:49 Economic output 1:05:09 Societal State 1:07:50 State of the Biosphere 1:13:32 Emergence and Coarse graining 1:14:50 Effect of climate change on suitability of land for growing crops 1:20:20 Syrian Civil War 1:24:39 The known Unknowns 1:25:40 We can examine the system description 1:27:30 Can the trajectory of the human-earth system be understood...? 1:28:27 some first conclusions 1:30:33 can understanding the human-earth system as a complex system help?

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