10: An introduction to the soil-root-system, 14.08.2017

10 | 0:00:00 Start 0:00:27 An introduction to the soil-root-system 0:01:59 Bulk Soil Properties Defined 0:07:58 Representative Elementary Volume (REV) and the continuum hypothesis 0:11:20 State equation for soil water 0:13:12 Fluxes and flow of water 0:14:41 Text-book view-Analogy to other transport laws 0:21:50 Fluxes and flow of water 0:23:31 Fluxes and flow of water: The driving gradient 0:30:48 An 'ad-hoc' derivation of Darcy's law (for saturated conditions) 0:40:44 Darcy-Forchheimer law at Moderate Reynolds Number 0:43:29 Darcy's Law and the Hagen-Poiseuille equation 0:45:11 An 'ad-hoc' derivation of Darcy's law 0:50:21 Simplified mathematical representations 0:53:58 State Equation with roots 0:55:49 Dynamic Responses 0:56:35 Broader implications of case study for Soil moisture dynamics and climate 0:57:45 Background-Soil moisture dynamics and climate 0:58:54 Experimental results 1:00:43 Qualitative Analysis of Soil Moisture Response to Rainfall Fluctuations 1:01:17 Depth-Averaged continuity 1:04:08 Sample Time Series Measurements from Duke Forest, Durham, NC 1:05:22 Modeling Soil Moisture Dynamics: ET-s relation 1:07:02 Spectral Analysis of Soil Moisture 1:13:43 Implications to climate 1:14:17 Qualitative Analysis- Systems Approach 1:14:46 Root Water Uptake 1:16:49 Soil moisture simulations 1:19:49 Future Research Trends

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