Chemisode 1: History of the atom

Hi and welcome to the Chemisode audio podcast. This is a very brief summary of what is covered in the youtube videos for Chemisode. The topic of this episode is THE HISTORY OF THE ATOM. Covered in this lesson is: 1) Key words: Alchemy, Chemistry, Scientific Theory, Hypothesis, Scientific Method, Experimental Data, Model, 2) Key concepts: i) Alchemy was popular, but advancements did not happen until people started to write things down and share ideas. ii) Scientific ideas are improved over time by - Advances in technology. - Making a model to fit the new data available iii) Scientists: - John Dalton - JJ Thomson - Ernest Rutherford (Marie Currie) - Niels Bohr - Erwin Schrodigner - James Chadwick Remember to visit the following sites: VCAA website: Edmodo group code 9s2py4: Youtube: Facebook: email: Chemisode Unit 3+4: itunes: still to come. (Feb 2013) Disclaimer - This is not a textbook, it is only a tool. You still need to do the hard yards, listen in class, do the textbook questions check the VCAA study design. While I try to cover everything that is needed, I am only human. If you have any comments / suggestions please email me.

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