011 | Najwa | Why Forgiveness Will Set You Free

We have a special show today as good friend and business partner, Corey interviews Najwa who shares her how her take on forgiveness has evolved over the years. This show is a deeply personal one as Najwa shares some heart-wrenching details about how her near and dear ones caused her immense hurt and pain that changed the course of her life. Her struggle to forgive and forget affected Najwa’s mental and physical health. Sounds familiar? Has a refusal to forgive someone affected your well-being as well? Forgiveness is a common theme that most of us grapple with on a regular basis. When we are not treated properly, our first instinct is often that of vengeance. There are yet others who refuse to forgive unless tendered a formal apology. Both these approaches are inherently flawed and end up hurting the person that matters the most – YOU. Najwa reveals how she eventually reached out to her wrongdoer in their hour of need. Would you have done the same if you were in her place? Are you better off isolating yourself completely in such situations? And, was Najwa finally at peace when her wrongdoer apologized to her?    In today’s show, listeners are reminded of the immense power of forgiveness. Listeners will learn how cultivating a forgiving attitude can help them retain the faith required to build new and healthy relationships.  The gist of today’s show is beautifully surmised in this poem: Today, I decide to forgive you  Not because you apologized, not because you deserved my forgiveness But because my soul deserves peace Tune in now for some wonderful nuggets!   Resources:  Najwa’s Twitter Najwa’s Instagram Najwa’s Facebook Najwa’s Soul Academy Najwa’s YouTube Channel

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