009 | Alana | How I Survived Emotional Manipulation and Regained My Mental Well-being

In today’s show, our interviewee Alana shares her heart-wrenching and unbelievable tale of emotional manipulation.  Our interviewee, an admirable young lady started struggling with postpartum anxiety in her thirties, met a charismatic and successful woman, a leader of a popular personal development company whom she thought would help her deal with this anxiety. Alana’s yearning for a powerful figure to lean on meant that she instantly started idolizing her “mentor”.  However, the mentor had ulterior and self-serving motives. Alana shares how she lost herself in the torrent of emotional abuse that followed. Because this emotional abuse was sugar-coated with false compliments, our interviewee explained away her poor treatment, and in the process lost herself and her own identity. A year later, Alana hit her lowest lows. She shares how she resorted to therapy to regain her mental health and emotional well-being.  So, how did Alana go from being fiercely independent to being servile and dependent? Why did she fail to see through this false façade of love? Should you avoid believing that people have your best interests in mind? In this segment of the show, you will learn why it is important to always keep your guard up, and recognize toxic and abusive people for who they truly are. Alana shares how a vengeful attitude will boomerang to hurt the person that matters most – you. The latter segment of the show is particularly interesting as our interviewee shares how she managed to forgive the wrongdoings of her “mentor”.  Listeners will learn how creating boundaries and maintaining communication can help you achieve closure.  Tune in for some excellent insights! Resources:  Najwa Zebian Najwa Zebian Instagram Sparks of Phoenix Mind Platter Nectar of Pain 10 Steps to Let Go of Them

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