008 | Jenan | The Devastating Effect of War on Children a Families

In today’s show, our interviewee Jenan recalls her move to Canada from war-stricken Lebanon and reveals the immense struggles she faced as she attempted to start a new life in a foreign country. This show starts with Jenan remembering how 30 years back, in 1989, her family fled Lebanon to escape war and find a better, secure life. As a 17-year-old who barely spoke English, Jenan found this move difficult to stomach. Failing to recognize her parent’s wisdom, she blamed them for taking her away from her friends and culture. In this segment of the show, listeners will get a first-hand account of the trauma and inner turmoil that war has inflicted on thousands of innocent civilians. Did Canadians accept Jenan for who she was? In the initial years, were her poor communication skills a huge hindrance for her? And, did people take advantage of her as she yearned for acceptance and love? Here, Jenan reminds us how a state of inner turmoil causes us to internalize reactions and become over-sensitive to people’s comments and reactions. Listeners will also learn the importance of standing up to people who treat you poorly and take you for granted. This struggle for acceptance pushed Jenan into an early relationship and marriage. Today, she leads a secure and happy life with her daughter. How did Jenan finally achieve closure, forgive the war, the people who triggered it, and finally move on with her life? Wanting to say a “proper goodbye”, she shares how she went back to Lebanon with her 18-month daughter. In this extremely personal recollection, our interviewee reveals how she had an emotional breakdown as she visited her childhood home. This heart-wrenching story is a jarring reminder about the devastating impact that war has on innocent civilians. Towards the end, we discuss President Trump’s inhumane immigrant policies which have separated children from their families.  Tune in to this thought-provoking show now! Resources:  Najwa’s Twitter Najwa’s Instagram Najwa’s Facebook 10 Steps to Let Go of Them

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