006 | Phillip Millar | A Compassionate Look at the Legal System and the Need to Cultivate Forgiveness

This show starts with our interviewee, Phillip sharing his background information. A lawyer by profession, he also served in the military in Yugoslavia back in 1992. Phillip shares how war perpetrated a lack of forgiveness among the Yugoslavian people. This experience of his resulted in a keen desire to help people on a mass scale. How do you stop people from killing one another? How can you do your bit to get individuals, cultures, and groups to forget their animosity and forgive one another? While skeptics may deem this impossible, our interviewee’s story certainly proves otherwise. Phillip then shares various client anecdotes which show how he is propagating forgiveness on a mass scale through his legal profession. While the law is meant to empower the wronged, often it is used as a tool to exact vengeance. Listeners will be reminded that such a toxic attitude tends to affect not only the wrongdoer but also you. For instance, Phillip informs us that in divorce cases, the law is sometimes used as a weapon to satiate spite and hurt. But will stripping your partner off his/her assets make you feel better? Phillip also talks about the many heart-breaking cases of rape that he deals with. What sort of legal compensation can you expect in such cases? Does the law award damages for counseling/therapeutic expenses? Listeners will get a “peek” into the judicial system in this segment of the show. Next, you will learn about young boys and Phillip reminds us that, more often than not, these “criminals” are victims themselves. Can you judge boys and men with a broken childhood? Would you have found your way through the maze of life without the presence of any positive role model? To further buttress his point, Phillip cites the example of the legal system in Scandinavia – a country with the lowest jail sentences AND the lowest crime rates in the world. In this segment, listeners will be reminded why understanding is the first step towards forgiveness. If you are consumed by vengeance and/or struggling to forgive, this is a show you do not want to miss. Tune in now!   Resources:  Najwa Zebian Najwa Zebian Instagram Sparks of Phoenix Mind Platter Nectar of Pain 10 Steps to Let Go of Them

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