005 | Sarah | What Poisons Your Water? Forgiveness Inside and Outside the Classroom

In today’s show, our interviewee Sarah, a teacher by profession shares how adopting a rational attitude has allowed her to forgive and forget. As a bonus, listeners will get a peek into the teaching profession as our interviewee discusses the many challenges that she routinely faces. This show starts with Sarah sharing her background information. As an older person with rich and varied experiences, she has a refreshing approach to teaching. Listeners will learn how Sarah goes above and beyond her call of duty by attempting to connect with her students, and understand their problems on a personal level. Sarah shares her experience with a difficult child who was facing umpteen challenges at school as well as home. Unhappy with the negative and somewhat outdated approach, she patiently managed to build up a deep personal connection with not only the child but also the child’s family. But, how did her colleagues react to her radical teaching method? And, eventually why did this approach lead to friction at her workplace? In this segment of the show, listeners are reminded how your colleagues are prone to making quick and unfair judgments without any underlying rationale. We are also reminded that, sadly, most of us have an extremely hard time accepting change.  Sarah goes on to share how she managed to forgive her colleague for her rather ungracious behavior. What is the key to forgiving people who have treated you badly and caused you to hurt? Should you distance yourself completely from these people? Or, should you forget the past, and attempt to build a new relationship? Next, listeners will learn how Sarah handles difficult and challenging children. She admits that her students often make remarks that are hurtful and uncalled for. In such stressful situations, how do you maintain an impersonal attitude and keep your eyes firmly on your long term goal? Further, as a mother of three children, our interviewee also shares her parenting approach. How do you make a child or a teenager realize the gravity of their actions? Listeners will learn why having an open and rational communication channel is key to dealing with childhood issues. Towards the end, our interviewee has some excellent advice for teenagers who are struggling with forgiveness. Tune in for some excellent pearls of wisdom! Resources:  Najwa’s Twitter Najwa’s Instagram Najwa’s Facebook 10 Steps to Let Go of Them  

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