Getting a Jumpstart on the Holidays - Episode 59

It’s fast approaching that time of the year that brings colder weather, warm gatherings with family and friends - and for some, a lot of anxiety about how to stay on track with healthy eating, despite the holidays. While I advocate for eating what you want on the day of, I know that advice doesn’t work for everyone. You see, for many people it’s not just a single day, or two, of celebration that there’s pressure to over-indulge…it may be the  full six weeks from Thanksgiving to New Years. So, in that spirit, I have 10 healthy tips that you can put into practice now - before the season officially kicks off - to help you feel better and maintain some balance as we approach 2023.




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Nutritionist, yoga teacher, and author of The Small Change Diet Keri Gans delivers her straightforward and sometimes controversial approach to what's current in the health and nutrition world. Her fun and engaging personality will leave you with a wealth of information on need-to-know hot topics for your overall well-being.


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