Emmy Wu: Doubling Down on 1:1 Services

Today I talk to Emmy Wu, a storyteller and strategist who helps her clients use video to translate those “hard to explain” ideas into a message and brand that people instantly connect with. Guided by a balance of intuition and strong systems, Emmy has helped thousands of creative entrepreneurs build successful businesses by telling their stories. She comes from two decades of Hollywood film industry experience. She has worked with clients like MGM, Paramount Pictures, Subaru, and ‘Real Housewives’ to bring their vision to life on the big screen. She has found her place and deeper meaning in helping small online business owners who are making the world a better place. Today she goes into all the awesome and the less than awesome aspects of launching programs and running your own digital business. She eventually let go of doing things “the right way” and created her own approach to marketing herself. 


This Week on the Get Paid Podcast:

  • How Emmy gets paid to help creative entrepreneurs to tell their stories with video
  • Why Emmy left the film industry to start her own business
  • What made her first $94k launch one of her easiest launches ever
  • Why it’s so hard to replicate what works on past launches
  • What is means to find your own marketing strategy rather than following others
  • The Golden Rule about changing your prices and what happens when you break it
  • How Emmy leverages LinkedIn to find high-paying clients
  • Why Emmy doesn’t focus on social media or preach about creating constant content
  • The choice to go from group coaching to 1:1 services

Connect with Emmy Wu:

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