SHFL 105 : What Is Toxic Positivity? Why It's Bad and What to Do About It!

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When I heard the phrase "toxic positivity", I wasn't sure what it was.  Once I did some further research, it made complete sense and explained why super positive people were quite annoying!

So in this podcast episode, you'll learn what Toxic Positivity is. I'll cover its common signs, so you'll know when someone else is doing it, and to stop yourself from being a toxic positive person too.

I'll then cover 4 ways to deal with any toxic positivity within yourself.  These will help you feel more comfortable with how you feel, be more authentic and help you empathise with other people more.  

I'll also cover 2 ways to prevent yourself from accidentally displaying toxic positivity when interacting with other people.

If you've ever wondered why you feel uncomfortable around super positive people, then this podcast episode will explain why.

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