Monzo | Raising £18m in Under 3 Hours With Tristan Thomas, Head of Marketing and Community

Follow us on Instagram and Twitter. Welcome again to Life Design Diaries, the business and lifestyle podcast where we bring you interesting conversations with interesting  people. On todays episode, I’m speaking with Tristan Thomas who is the Head of Marketing and Community at Monzo.  Monzo is the bank of the future. Since they started they’ve been busy building the best current account in the world an they now have more than one million customers using their debit cards. Unlike traditional banks, they have no high street premises, instead their service is provided by their app making it convenient and relevant to its customers. To give you a slight insight into how popular this bank is becoming, recently they raised an additional £20m from a crowdfunding campaign… £18m of it came in just 2 hours and 45 minutes.  People who use Monzo, often turn into raving fans. Think about it, when was the last time you heard someone raving about a bank? Tristan has pretty much been there from the start to drive this success and he’s only 26. Please enjoy my conversation with Tristan Thomas. CATCH US ON: Ross’ LinkedIn Lucy’s LinkedIn Twitter Instagram Please leave us a review on iTunes if you enjoyed this episode. We'll read out your review in a later episode!  Lucy a Ross Menghini

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