#49 The Man Behind The Brands | Jamal Benmiloud, Founder of EARN Studios | Ex VP Marketing Monster a Redbull

“How can brands be built with customers” - Jamal Benmiloud This week we’re thrilled to welcome a fantastic marketer and business owner, Jamal Benmiloud. Jamal has had a glowing career. Having risen to become Head of Marketing at Redbull and VP Marketing at Monster Energy, he decided to stretch himself even further and start his own consultancy, EARN Studios. Now Jamal works at Non Executive Director at Huel, a company we know well from episode #34 with Huel founder Julian Hearn. This episode is one of our favourites by far! There is so much to learn from Jamal’s approach to business and life in general. In particular, we discuss: His and his wife’s goal setting process - a really interesting process Starting and maintaining a lean operation Challenging the conventions of marketing agencies His experience writing his new book, Brand Love How Jamal approaches business ideas Some of the more challenging times when running your own business REFERENCES Brand Love - How To Build A Brand Worth Talking About - Jamal Benmiloud, Graham Brown a Paul O’Shannessey EARN Studios Jamal LinkedIn Huel One Simple Idea - Stephen Key CATCH US ON: Website Ross LinkedIn Lucy LinkedIn Twitter Instagram Please leave us a review on iTunes if you enjoyed this episode. We'll read out your review in a later episode!  Lucy a Ross Menghini

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