How to Build a Dream Team for Speaking Success with Veronica Romney

When it comes to building a successful and sustainable speaking business, so much of what really matters doesn’t happen on the stage. Veronica Romney, the Dream Team Architect, joins us for Episode 419 of The Speaker Lab Podcast to peel back the layers of scaling a business and taking it to the next level. As a fractional chief of staff for several businesses, Veronica helps take seven-figure companies to eight all while addressing their core functions and leadership.

Veronica addresses direct ROI vs. the value an individual can bring to your team and unpacks the mystery of when to bring on additional team members and how to do it effectively. She also takes a deep dive into the challenge that speakers face when it comes to the “leaky” mechanics that often exist behind the stage. She shares the options that exist for speakers to create opportunities for success, how to package the value they offer, and why it’s important to build a team that can market your zone of genius. Veronica offers endless insight, and this conversation is packed with growth-mindset strategies that will stretch your understanding of building a business.

Here's what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • The bakery vs. the baker
  • Three core functions of a business
  • Why marketing matters
  • How to develop a leadership shed list
  • Lag vs. lead measures
  • Why the absence of effectiveness creates more work
  • The function of a cash reserve
  • How to take referrals when building a team
  • The value of looking within to build-up talent
  • And so much more!

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