Ep 705 | Why, as a Christian Woman, I Vote Republican | Guest: Steve Deace

It's Election Day! Today we give you a refresher on how important it is to get your friends to vote. We take a look at “The View” host Sunny Hostin’s comments on how white Republican women are — shocker — going to vote Republican, followed by her comparing them to roaches. We also look at Sunny’s co-host Joy Behar’s comment that the GOP is a cult. We explain why it’s in fact the Left that’s a cult and break down the real reasons Christian women will (and should) vote red. Then, we react to Trump’s recent rally, during which he created a new nickname to mock Ron DeSantis. We talk about why this was ultimately a bad strategy. Finally, we’re joined by Steve Deace, host of BlazeTV's The Steve Deace Show, to discuss the state of the midterms, the morale of the Right, and what we need to do to fight back against the Left. We also discuss Steve’s new book, “Why Thanksgiving?” which gives kids the true, Christian history behind the holiday. Watch our 2022 Democrat Campaign Ad here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgoGn5AGQXU&t=60s&ab_channel=AllieBethStuckey --- Timecodes: [00:40] Intro / voting [07:11] Sunny Hostin says white Republican women are like roaches [15:55] Joy Behar says GOP is a cult [22:48] Trump gives Ron DeSantis a nickname [31:43] Steve Deace interview begins [33:40] Those who have no more hope in the process [40:50] Harris County, TX election [56:58] Steve's new book, "Why Thanksgiving" [1:00:30] Close / stickers --- Today's Sponsors: Bambee — You run your business. Let Bambee run your HR. Go to bambee.com and type in "RELATABLE" at checkout. Cozy Earth — go to CozyEarth.com/ALLIE and use promo code 'ALLIE' at checkout to save 35% off your order! Raycon — go to BuyRaycon.com/ALLIE today to save 15% off your Raycon order. Good Ranchers — change the way you shop for meat today by visiting GoodRanchers.com/ALLIE and use promo code 'ALLIE' to get two Black Angus NY Strip Steaks FREE all throughout the month of November! Blaze Election Night — join Allie, Glenn Beck, Jason Whitlock, Steve Deace, and all of BlazeTV LIVE on election night and watch the results come in together. Join us at 7:45pm ET over at BlazeTV.com or the BlazeTV YouTube channel. Use promo code is REDWAVE for $30 off your BlazeTV subscription. --- Links: World: "Christians: Bring your faith to the voting booth" https://wng.org/opinions/christians-bring-your-faith-to-the-voting-booth-1667824243 Daily Mail: "Room for any other Views? Outrage as show's Sunny Hostin likens white women voting Republican to 'roaches voting for Raid', Joy Behar calls party a 'cult' and Sara Haines says all GOP candidates are 'election deniers'" https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11387155/The-View-host-Sunny-Hostin-says-white-women-voting-Republican-like-roaches-voting-raid.html New York Post: "NYC tourist raped while jogging was choked so hard neck bones broke, ‘sex fiend’ held without bail" https://nypost.com/2022/11/04/west-village-rapist-held-without-bail-latest-vic-was-tourist/ --- Previous Episodes on Political Parties: Ep 133 | Conservatives, Liberals & the Constitution https://apple.co/3TfgsLt Ep 590 | Democrats Are Now Openly Pro-Infanticide https://apple.co/3UCov60 Previous Episode with President Trump: Ep 519 | President Donald Trump on Witch Hunts, Family + Mean Tweets https://apple.co/3NOLI2F --- "Go VOTE" Sticker: https://shop.blazemedia.com/products/vote-sticker?pr_prod_strat=use_description&pr_rec_id=6552e1052&pr_rec_pid=7931910291709&pr_ref_pid=7926489317629&pr_seq=uniform --- Buy Allie's book, You're Not Enough (& That's Okay): Escaping the Toxic Culture of Self-Love: https://alliebethstuckey.com/book Relatable merchandise – use promo code 'ALLIE10' for a discount: https://shop.blazemedia.com/collections/allie-stuckey Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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