25: Tides of History: The Decline and Fall of the Roman City

Cities were what made the Roman world Roman, but as the Empire fell apart, so did its cities. They shrank drastically or disappeared entirely between 400 and 600. In today's episode, we'll find out how and why. Subscribe today so you never miss an episode: https://smarturl.it/TOH Thank you to our sponsors: Audible - Try audible free and get a free audio book when you visit them here: www.audible.com/tides Squarespace - Get a free trial and save 10% when you launch your domain here: www.squarespace.com/tides Zip Recruiter - Learn how to hire smarter and get a free trial when you visit them here: www.ziprecruiter.com/tides The Great Courses - Get a free trial with access to thousands of videos here: www.thegreatcoursesplus.com/tides

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