JUST RELEASED: EQT on Private Equity Deals

The fifth episode of Season One of Private Equity Deals released this morning. I'm joined by Arvindh Kumar, the Global Co-Head of Technology at EQT. We discuss Innovyze, a mid-market vertical software company that provides smart water infrastructure to utilities and engineers. It's a complex transaction created by merging two carve-outs from public companies and integrating the businesses alongside a management team change. Tune in to Private Equity Deals to hear the story.

Before we get going, about a third of all CA listeners have already subscribed to Private Equity Deals. If you're an allocator, a private equity manager, a banker, or just someone interested in learning what all the private equity fuss is all about, this show is for you. Search of PE Deals on your favorite podcast player and subscribe. As soon as you do, you'll get a chance to listen to episode five featuring EQT in the most complex transaction we've discussed thus far.


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