Under the Golden Dome Part 4: Women and the Legislature

In the run up to election day 2022 VT Folklife is re-releasing our audio series Under the Golden Dome: The Stories Behind Vermont’s Citizen Legislature. 

In 2004 the Snelling Center for Government commissioned Vermont Folklife to interview 35 former legislators. VT Folklife founder Jane C. Beck along with audio editor and musician Bob Merrill then worked together to create this ten-part radio series. It allows a rare, very human view, of our Legislature and its workings over the prior fifty-plus years. 

The series demonstrates that within our state house the only constant has been change. Yet under the golden dome a unique citizen legislature where anyone can serve continues to thrive.

Funding for radio production was provided by The Vermont Community Foundation and The Windham Foundation.

We’ll be releasing the full series over the next week to accompany you during the countdown to election day on November 8, 2022. We urge everyone to vote!

You can learn more about this series and listen to other episodes of VT Untapped at www.vtfolklife.org/untapped.

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