Episode 53: CoronaVirus: Have stray dogs and cattle given Indians partial immunity?

The Health Tips Podcast IS about Health a Fitness. But beyond that, its about “Fitting in Fitness”. You probably know everything there is to know about being healthy : Eat Right, Sleep Right, Exercise, keep your weight in the range. And stay off depression. But this time we speak about the C . The Corona Virus epidemic is one the world’s greatest challenges, and we are still learning how to deal with the epidemic. There is still a lot to be learnt about its spread and control. Countries are grappling with the appropriate strategy that balances lives and livelihoods… both of equal importance. I had an insightful conversation with Dr. Prof Vishal Rao, who is a member of the COVID task force committee in Karnataka India In this podcast: - The real situation in India - The Vaccine Development - How to stay healthy! If you liked what you heard – Id love you to do something. Just head over to iTunes – the Podcast section – and give us a five star rating. Also if you have friends who you think would be helped with all this – do share this podcast with them. Do you have a comment – write to me at tandarost@gmail.com. Ive got to thank Atharva Marcom – India’s best public relations firm – who generously support our efforts at The Health Tips Podcast.

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