The secrets to live to a 100! And be immune from viruses like the Corona! With M L Amarnath, Founder Enlight Life Science Pvt. Ltd.

The Health Tips Podcast is all about fitting in fitness in a busy schedule! On the Health Tips Podcast, I am always on the lookout for new ways of preventing disease, staying fit and being the best possible version of yourself. So I was amazed to discover a person, who has been able to literally biohack the code, and discover the secrets of living till a 100, while being completely fit. M L Amarnath has devised a new way of combining diet and yoga. Using his technique, it amazingly takes, only about 30 minutes a day to give you your complete dose of nutrition and exercise. So, Here is my interaction with Mr Amarnath, the founder of Enlight Life Science, a company based in Bangalore – who has created a unique exercise and nutrition combination! Reach out to them at If you liked what you heard – Id love you to do something. Just head over to iTunes – the Podcast section – and give us a five star rating. Also if you have friends who you think would be helped with all this – do share this podcast with them. Do you have a comment – write to me at Ive got to thank Atharva Marcom – India’s best public relations firm – who generously support our efforts at The Health Tips Podcast.

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