Episode 52: CelebSpeak: How to stay mentally a physically fit in a lockdown!

The Health Tips Podcast is all about fitting in fitness in a busy schedule. But this time it’s a – hopefully a once in a lifetime event – when we are all in a lockdown – and we are not busy – but still trying to manage our minds and bodies. Done right, we should emerge stronger and wiser from this . This time we have 4 amazing achievers on the show talking about what keeps them mentally and physically strong during these strange times. And introducing our participants. I have Tina Norohna. Architect, Model, Sportperson and a general – do it all person! Tina is so good at everything, that she sometimes gets confused as to what really is her profession. Known as India’s ab queen she is basically successful at everything she lays her hands on! Dino Morea Morea was a model, now an entrepreneur, director and producer – he and made his acting debut in the TV series Captain Vyom in which he appeared as "Sonic". His movie debut was in Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi opposite Rinke Khanna. Enthusiastic about all things food and fitness – it’s the simple things in life which get him to smile! Amit Joshi has been a motivator and truelly lives by example – a diabetic – he still manages to get he physic others probably only dream of. He is the Owner at Metalcarvedfitness Supplements, a Life Coach, a Dreamer, a Challenge Lover, and a Positive Change Maker Purnima Bali is the associate creative director of a digital marketing firm. With her colored hair, and fitness obsession – she looks the part! And I am the radio show host, public relations and communications consultant – and someone who turns ideas viral! So in this lockdown I got talking to them all…and the conversation went places. Even if we couldn’t! If you liked what you heard – Id love you to do something. No not a contribution or money – just head over to iTunes – the Podcast section – and give us a five star rating. Also if you have friends who you think would be helped with all this – do share this podcast with them. Do you have a comment – write to me at tandarost@gmail.com. Ive got to thank Atharva Marcom – India’s best public relations firm – who generously support our efforts at The Health Tips Podcast.

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