Episode 46: Lucinda Nicholas (Part2) - Yoga Expert, Supermodel, Author, Lawyer!

She is a superstar Yogini, a lawyer, a supermodel, winner of Ms. World Australia, an actress, an author, one of the most popular Big Boss contestants – and beyond it all a lovely person! Lucinda Nicholas as packed more into her life than most of us pack into 3. But this delicate girl has managed it all – so I decided to find out how! Here’s the second part of my conversation with Lucinda – who I’d call – the NICE Superstar! And before we start - Thank you, Atharva Marcom: India’s leading public relations firm for all the support. They have a simple tagline – “We make you famous”. Reach out to them at atharvamarcom@gmail.com or at +91 9901742544. To make sure you catch part two, follow us on Twitter @HealthTipsRadio, on iTunes, or at tandarost.podomatic.com! If you liked this, you can give us a 5 star review on Itunes. You can reach out to us by email at tandarost@gmail.com

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