Ep 474: Talent In Tech

With the news cycle currently dominated by significant layoffs in large tech companies, it is essential to take a step back and consider the longer-term picture. Many employers are still struggling to find the right tech talent. Recent research has shown that skill shortages will continue for years as education systems are not setting students up with the right skills for our AI-dominated future. So what should employers be doing right now to recruit and develop tech professionals, and what is the impact of remote and hybrid working on early careers talent? My guest this week is Atli Thorkelsson, VP of Talent Network at Redpoint Ventures. Atli advises start-ups across Redpoint's portfolio on talent acquisition and development. He has some important insights to share on the current state of the market and the strategies employers need to adopt to deal with the longer terms challenges. In the interview, we discuss: The current state of the tech hiring market Long term challenges Development of early career talent The role of the Chief People Officer Building the right foundations for talent development How do remote-first organizations support mentoring and development? What are the biggest hiring mistakes start-ups make? What can corporate TA functions learn from start-up hiring practices? How will recruiting technology develop in the future? Listen to this podcast on Apple Podcasts.

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