How to Heal: From deprivation to Inspiration

Show Summary: “Presence is the greatest present.”

We often see pain as a red flag. When we were young, we were taught that it was a bad feeling. But actually, it can be beautiful as it can teach us a lot of things. When we feel it, it tells us to slow down and be with our body because pain is a compass to return to our true north and higher self.

Your body feels different emotions for different reasons, and listening to them and letting them flow through you, is your medicine. Loneliness, defeat, and despair are painful, and crying it out is OK because it makes you feel better. And surrendering allows those triggers to heal.

In this episode with Gina and Raj, they discuss masculine and feminine energy & how emotions change our physical chemistry towards healing. Listen as Juanique also shares the beautiful things she learned through Tristin's death that help her create a safe space for their children.

If someone you know is in deep pain, please share this with them to help them process what they feel through the golden nuggets mentioned in this podcast.

Exceptional Highlight:

  • When you're present and slow with your body, it can magically do its work.
  • Let the pain be your teacher and guide into your body.
  • Children are one of our greatest teachers because they teach us to slow down and play.

Show Highlights: 

How are Juanique and Tristin's loved ones doing four weeks after his passing?

Raj 1:00

  • I can still feel the amount of love from him in every moment, in the kids and the house. He randomly pops into my mind all the time. Gina and I talk about him quite a lot.


  • He's a part of our lives. He's not a memory; he's an active part of our lives.

How are Juanique’s children doing?

Juanique 7:41

  • I don't think there is a right way to prepare your children. The only thing you can do for them is doing the work to hold a really safe space that is loving and gentle for them. I think I've done a great job of letting them feel the sadness. And then we'll hold each other in love and let it move through them.

Intentions help you do things with love and energy

Raj 16:27

  • It doesn't matter if it's a workout or a desire to have a healthier life. The origin of the intent is the seed that heals. If you think that you're not enough, you will be in this rat race or the hustle culture that gives you more stress and makes you do more. It puts you in this place where your mind is in the driver's seat instead of your mind being in service to the heart.

Our bodies will not heal in fear and stress

Gina 20:17

  • The researchers at the Heart Math Institute look at heart rate variability and other health indicators that predict longevity and aging. They look at how joy, love, and gratitude directly change heart rate variability. They're all these different keys to longevity. So we have to have love and joy for our bodies to heal. Otherwise, we're out of sync and coherence.

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