Ep 10: Preventing holiday weight gain - LIVE podcast!

In their second live webinar/podcast episode, Ashleigh, Rachel, and their guests discuss the fears, misconceptions, and tactics around eating during the holidays. They cover topics including:

  • Do people actually tend to gain weight around the holidays, or is it a myth?
  • How to balance enjoying special meals with loved ones while also feeling good and sticking to your goals and boundaries
  • How to manage peer pressure around eating and drinking with family and friends
  • Straightforward strategies to plan ahead around holiday meals, and also what you can do during meals to enjoy your food without guilt, and without the junk food hangover the next day!

The hosts also decode some of their dreams and ask the question: is it ever ok to approach strangers in the gym?

If you have questions, topic ideas, or suggestions you'd like the hosts to answer or discuss, send them to musclescience4women@gmail.com.

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