Ep #758 - MFRS - Crushing Your Limiting Beliefs

Jennifer Barner is the founder of Lighthouse Ventures, a private equity real estate investment firm. She is a real estate investment specialist and entrepreneur with a real estate background including extensive rehab experience. She  is now the General Partner/Sponsor on 622 units across 5 states. She is a Limited Partner in 548 doors and participating in new builds in and around Atlanta and San Antonio.
  • The Power of Speed Through Mentorship
  • Letting Go Over Control and Relying On The Team
  • Staying In Your Backyard When You Begin
  • Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone To Build Relationships
  •  Price Per Unit vs. Price Of Homes
  •  Rising and Falling Interest Rates

To Apply for The Warrior Program: Text CRUSH to 72345 and we’ll help you crush it in this business.


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