Ep 170: Ones Ready: What's The Day To Day Like In AFSPECWAR?

You asked. And asked. And ASKED- so here you go. The Ones Ready team sits down and tries their best to answer the question we get more than any other question- "What is the day-to-day like in AFSPECWAR?"

Actually, we did you all one better- we looked at the day-to-day in every single phase of your pipeline. From the delayed entry program (DEP) to Basic Military Training (BMT), to the Special Warfare Candidate Course (SWCC), to Assessment and Selection (A&S), pre-dive, the pipeline- all the way through your first unit. 

We would like to think that this is the one- the one podcast that deads the whole question- but we know better. 

What other questions you got? Drop them in the comments ???? .

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