Episode #216: Mac Premo / Filmmaker / Artist / Stuffmaker

Artist, commercial director, filmmaker, and all around American stuffmaker Mac Premo joins the podcast to talk about how a kid growing up in DC with a love of skateboarding and punk rock ended up studying at RISD, moving to New York, and creating the amazing and diverse body of work he is known for today.  From carpentry work, to stop animation, to Ford truck commercials, to gallery walls, Mac has done a bit of everything and managed to achieve a level of success as a diverse artist that has allowed him to keep his curiosity alive and well and avoid the burnout that can sometimes be common in the more individual creative pursuits.  During our conversation Mac talks about his own evolution as an artist through many attempts and failures at finding his voice, how his willingness to be vulnerable has helped him create such a large variety of work, the inspiration he gets everyday from his wife and children, and the advice he gives to others on their own creative journey.  

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