#21 UC Application Part 1: 9 of the Best Colleges in the Nation

Season 2, Episode 21

It seems that everything glistens in California. The sun shines daily on Route 1, all while the Dodgers, Warriors, Bruins, or Giants are winning. Is it any wonder that this state is home to NINE colleges that are second to none. In order for high school seniors to access any of the University of California institutions they must fall within the top 9% of all seniors in the state of California. This past admission season, over 210,000 applications were received for the 9 University of California institutions. WOWZA! In this 2 part mini series on California’s flagship public college system, I will cover: 1 - Courses required to become eligible. 2 – How to determine eligibility. 3 - Components of the application. 4 - Tips on completing the application. 5 – Uniqueness of each campus and majors offered. 6 - Review of the Essay Prompts. 7 - Hot Bonus Tips! 

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