"Probiotic Supplementation and Athletes" with Dr Jamie Pugh

Episode 155 of the Institute of Performance Nutrition's "We Do Science" podcast! In this episode, I (Laurent Bannock) discuss "Probiotic Supplementation and Athletes" with Dr Jamie Pugh PhD (Liverpool John Moores University, UK). Discussion Topics Include: Overview of Probiotics, Prebiotics, Gut Microbiota, the Microbiome etc: from general population to elite athletes How probiotics can benefit the host, and why this potentially matters to some athletes Probiotic supplementation and GI distress and dysfunction Probiotics and impact on carbohydrate metabolism  Practical considerations for probiotic supplementation and athletes Podcast Episode Transcript: Download PDF Copy Key Paper(s) Discussed / Referred to: International Society of Sports Nutrition Position Stand: Probiotics The athletic gut microbiota Probiotic supplementation increases carbohydrate metabolism in trained malecyclists: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover trial Four weeks of probiotic supplementation reduces GI symptomsduring a marathon race Related Podcast Episodes: #143 - "The Athlete's Gut" with Patrick Wilson RD PhD #135 - "The Microbiome: Mind the Gap" with Jens Walter PhD and Orla O'Sullivan PhD #69 - 'Immunological Aspects of Training a Sports Nutrition' with Professor Michael Gleeson #63 - 'Probiotics and Athletes' with Professor David Pyne Check out our other podcasts, publications, events, and professional education programs for current and aspiring sports nutritionists at www.TheIOPN.com and follow our social media outputs via @TheIOPN

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