Scav Karma Breakdown | How Scav Karma Works - How to Gain Reputation With Fence | Is the Karma System Complete? | Exfil Episode 74 (An Escape From Tarkov Podcast)

Exfil is an Escape From Tarkov Podcast

In this episode, MTBtrigger and Ronal take a dive deep into Scav Karma.

After opening the show by talking about their current favorite weapons - anything found on a scav - the pair dive into the new-this-wipe system, Scav Karma.  

While there appear to be some shortcomings in the implementation, namely the flagging system for a hostile player scav and the perceived lack of danger while scaving in now, the pair has an optimistic view on what the system could become.

Is the Scav Karma system complete?

Should it be modified to keep the hardcore feeling in raids, regardless of playing as a PMC or Scav?

All this and more in the episode!


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