261. My Exact Journey Scaling 3 Companies to $1M+ with Jim Huffman

Do you want to grow your brand to $1M? Of course you do. 

Our guest today, Jim Huffman, is an expert in doing exactly that. Jim is the CEO of GrowthHit, a modern marketing agency with a long track record for success. He’s here today to share all of his secrets to differentiating, scaling and optimizing a business in the digital era.

Jim’s advice cuts right to the core of where we should, and should not, be spending our valuable time and attention. If audience building, team management and goal setting are giving you a hard time – you’re going to love this super actionable conversation.

  • Learn the 2 personas Jim sells to + why you shouldn’t try to sell to everyone (don’t be afraid to stick to your niche!)
  • Hiring based on culture and values is better in the long run – your business is NOT a spreadsheet.
  • What intentional scaling is and how it translates to your overall life happiness.



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