How Trey Turner Just Crossed $300k in ONE Year as An Online Fitness Coach WITHOUT a SINGLE Sales Call!

Vince sits down with 7FM member Trey Turner to find out how he crossed a $300k year without a single sales call!

On This Episode:

  • Trey talks about how he began his fitness journey working at the local gym alongside another career before getting into online fitness.
  • Hear about the tumultuous life situations that led to Trey hiring his first online coach.
  • Find out why Trey DIDN’T hire Vince as a trainer at first.
  • Discover why his first month in the 7FM, he hit $13k.
  • Get the secret to generating lead flow.
  • Learn how to leverage jealousy.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Nail your niche.
  2. Sell in the DM
  3. Specialize in a flagship offer.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • Marketing is a fancy nine-letter word for “test.”
  • Money follows attention. If people don’t know you, people can’t flow you.


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