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Subscribe to The White Saviors now! Series launch: August 23 ***** This trailer contains source materials used under the Fair Dealing provisions of the Copyright Act.   Sources: It Takes a Child Craig Kielburger's Story - A Journey into Child Labour Directed by Judy Jackson Produced by Judy Films YoutubeThe Story of Craig Kielburger produced, and narrated by Sherine Mansour CPAC Youtube In Search Of Character LiveWire Media Elkind+Sweet Communications, Inc The Price WE Paid The Fifth Estate/CBCInterview with Craig Kielburger CSPAN Craig Kielburger NSB Speakers promotional video YoutubeMarc Kielburger NSB Speakers promotional video YoutubeWE Movement Youtube Channel MeToWe Youtube Channel CTV News - Kielburger brothers interview with Lisa Laflamme MTV Cribs: Craig Kielburger Episode Haddon Strategy See for privacy information.

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