Making Everyday Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving!” from Matt and Garrett. If ever two people wore gratitude on their sleeves, it’s these two. Today’s episode will hit on Thanksgiving, though the episode was recorded a little over a week before the actual day, but that doesn’t stop our hosts from getting into the spirit! While Thanksgiving kind of forces us to look at all we have to be grateful for, Garrett and Matt are advocates of being grateful and showing gratitude throughout the year. And they encourage themselves – and you! – to let gratitude infuse every aspect of your life and your business.

The awesome thing about this topic is that Matt and Garrett model gratitude across every podcast episode. While they would likely balk at being called “subject matter experts” on the subject of gratitude, you can absolutely see and hear that they try to practice it in their daily lives. Listen in as they discuss how gratitude will change your perspective, have you working (and living) from a place of abundance, and will totally flow out to and affect everyone you encounter.

Garrett and Matt want to hear your gratitude practices and how you coax yourself into routines and habits. So get ready to share them! Post them on the Ninja Selling Podcast group on Facebook at Ninja Selling Podcast Facebook. You can also leave a voicemail with your direct feedback at 208 MY-NINJA. And visit Ninja Selling Events for more information about upcoming open installations. Or if you're interested in taking your goals a step further, visit Ninja Coaching to check out all of our top-notch coaches.

Episode Highlights:

  • You can’t fake gratitude

  • Gratitude leads to abundance

  • Look for flowers instead of crap

  • Make gratitude a habit

  • Gratitude does not equal complacency


Gratitude is the ultimate state of receivership.”

Look for beauty in the things around you, in the opportunities around you.”

Does this mean that you’re not going to have times where you’re upset or have challenges? No… But [you] can still find things [you’re] grateful for even in that moment. In fact, it helps get over that frustration a lot faster.”

I think one of the things with being in a state of gratitude is formulating habits in your life that allow you to stay in a state of gratitude.”

Gratitude does not equal complacency or mediocrity.”

“[Gratitude] can put [you] in this state of receivership, this state of abundance, that will attract incredible things [your] way.”


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