Bonnie Knobloch, Head of Business Development, on Equilibria’s (@equilibriawomen) highly relational influencer marketing strategy

Equilibria is the premium CBD brand that you’ve likely seen scrolling through your Instagram. While still a young company (not even 3 y/o yet!), they have seen incredible growth during their lifespan, in large part due to their partnerships with content creators. Bonnie Knobloch, the Head of Business Development at Equilibria, joins us for a transparent conversation about their highly relational approach to influencer marketing. We talk about: 

  • Their generous commission structure
  • Why she would rather invest in influencer marketing than Facebook ads  
  • Their recent advisory board and how they lean on influencers to help with efforts from product development to marketing 
  • Why content creator account size isn’t everything
  • Advice for brands who are just beginning to work with content creators
  • ...and so much more (as always)!

Before joining Equilibria as one of their first employees, Bonnie was the Senior Director at Beauty Counter. She has 15 years in the beauty industry and is passionate about mission driven brands and products that create a cleaner, safer, and healthier society.

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