Economics and Law

Funny laws and unlikely examples of best practices in compliance. New fields of study that apply principles of hard sciences to economics and policy gives rise to. Crises in economics and technology that are making law more accessible. Gender biases in the practice of law. Essential but light economics reading. © 2020 Tanay and Sach ___ Film quote, presumed under Fair Use: The voice of Gregory Peck from To Kill a Mockingbird (1962). Atticus Finch addresses the jury on the obvious inequalities in the US justice system. Coins icon by ultimatearm. ___ Links: The Origin of Left and Right in Politics ‘Things’ used to be laws! As other countries of the world banned plastic, Michigan went another way. You might have broken the law when you had that drink last night. Liability vigilance! British construction firms caution Indian municipalities about bridges they built during the Raj. Peter Turchin predicted that civilization might collapse in 2020! An example of Econophysics Paul Romer and Jean Tirole on the problems in their discipline  The 2013 Nobel Prize in Economics was shared between two economists who disagree on a fundamental question in their discipline. Even at the Supreme Court, women lawyers get interrupted far more than male counterparts. Ditto the justices! A GitHub repository of the entire German code of law, uploaded by a German citizen Book recommendations: The Undercover Economist : Economics Rules: Core-Econ:

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