Computers and Internet

Though the modern computer and internet are relatively recent inventions, the importance of maintaining data and the power that comes with it was not lost on our ancestors. A surprising source of inspiration for the creation of the world-wide web. On a lighter note, how petroleum jelly is essential for internet access and on a sombre one, how the internet is changing for the better and the worse. © 2020 Tanay and Sach ___ TV quote, presumed under Fair Use: The voice of Thomas Middleditch from Silicon Valley. Richard Hendricks gives an impassioned testimony to the US Congress. Computer icon from Smashicons. ___ Links: First, erratum: earliest programmable device was an Iraqi flute in 9th century, not a French loom in the 18th. One of the very first demographic databases: Florence Nightingale was a data wiz! The map that the other John Snow’s made against a mortal threat: The link from British colonisation of India to the loom that inspired computers, A PhD dissertation at Maastricht University:  Petroleum jelly protects your face and deep sea cables! The looming Balkanization of the internet: The decentralised internet from HBO’s Silicon Valley might soon be a reality. The computer game that runs more websites than a (specific) country: Counterpoint to the Target story in our Marketing episode. Tesco sets an example: Blockchain and sex: Progress in translating the language of the brain (recognising faces): Your child’s ‘external hard disk’ at the office could be ‘alive’! Full circle from jacquard looms... knitting is like coding: Tips to incorporate sound into UI, UX design projects: Profile of Dr. Barbara McGillivray, a computational linguist: Who’s the greatest musician (/painter/actor/writer) of all time? Hard numbers.

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