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What was that very first ad for? What medium saw the first product placement? A look at some funny fails since the Mad Men era and archaic mores once seen in ads. Challenges in the content industries and emerging opportunities for them in voice and video. Marketing trends from China and beyond. © 2020 Tanay and Sach - - - - - TV quote, presumed under Fair Use: Voice of John Hamm from Mad Men. Don Draper expounds his advertising philosophy. Advertising icon by Eucalyp. - - - - - Links: What was the oldest ad for?  Spam in the 15th century  Subliminal advertising is as old as professional advertising firms! History of product placement in films Flights that barred women! The don’ts of advertising Rockstar pioneers in marketing strategy. No literally. Extreme consumer-needs prediction by Target Chinese liquor company’s content-based strategy Product placement or content-based marketing? Rap and beer: BBC’s new voice service: Smart Assistants and their conflict of interest: Advertisers among the least trusted: The company with pans for billboards in space: Gamification examples  ASMR in commercials!

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