Sports and Sports Management

Sport has long been one of humankind’s favourite pastimes, but for just how long? From a rather high-stakes Mayan football game to when the Olympics doubled up as an exhibition of surprising range of talents. Some of the thorniest questions in sport and how nuanced data analysis may answer at least a few. © 2020 Tanay and Sach - - - - - Film quote, presumed under Fair Use: Voices of Jonah Hill and Brad Pitt from Moneyball (2011). Peter Brand makes his pitch to Billy Beane for a new way of drafting a team.  Basketball icon from Smashicons. - - - - - Links: Essays, Poetry and Glee singing competitions in the Olympics:   Strychnine used as energy drink in the 1904 Olympics marathon   Some of earliest balls games were played in Mesoamerica    China’s investments in sports   Why Egypt produces so many squash champions   Origin of the word ‘badminton’   Tennis was close to being called ‘sphairistike’   Weightlifting and wrestling hold a special place in Iran   Usain Bolt’s fastest 100m run, which is not in the record books   Contrary to sexist stereotypes, women are no worse than men, at least in track and field events   Tricky legal, ethical questions like those regarding intersex athletes present emerging career options   David Epstein’s The Sports Gene Automated Strike zones in baseball   Publicly listing English football clubs was not a very successful experiment in the 1990s   The diet and lifestyle of a professional e-sports team   Andy Dinh, founder of Team SoloMid   Master’s in Sports History at De Montfort University (DMU)   Sports for Development: Project Khel - Dribble Academy - 1 Million Hockey Legs -

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