Architecture and Design

Not just ultra futuristic designs, but also the diversity of old architecture across India. Surprising ancient building materials and reasons for their longevity and cutting edge (ancient) materials. How long do architects intend a design for? If their work lasts 2000 years, it will be put to some creative uses. Why not get creative at the beginning and apply some VR, AR and LIDAR on your next work! © 2020 Tanay and Sach  ___ Film quote, presumed under Fair Use: Voices of Cameron Diaz and Matt Dillon from There's Something About Mary (1998). He claims to be an architect; she takes him to an exhibit as a surprise!  Golden Gate bridge icon by mynamepong.  ___ Links:  On the mysteries of Roman concrete  ‘Subtractive building’ (rock temples of India)  World’s earliest construction was not for housing but for religion!  Traditional disaster-proof architecture in India  NASA looked at Henry VIII’s armour for inspiration!  Modular homes  Container Architecture  Wooden skyscrapers!  Additive ‘temples’  Casa Brutale  Eiji Nakatsu’s birds and trains

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