Bonus Ep. 39 - Black Friday Special - Most Insane Kenner Batman The Animated Series Figures

Happy Holidays to you and yours from the DCAU Review! As has become tradition, the Good Brothers bring you their annual Black Friday Special with a new trip down memory lane to discuss what else but toys! This year the hosts focus on some of the most insane figures from the Kenner run of Batman: The Animated Series action figures. While the actual show on which the toys were based was a dark, gritty retro-inspired atmosphere, the toys followed no such theme. With bright colors, fantastic futuristic technology and mad-lib style names, Cal and Liam have plenty to discuss as they cover as few of the most egregious offenders in a celebration of the bizarre and surreal creations from the 90s Kenner line. Tune in and laugh along on this special Bonus Episode of the DCAU Review

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