Mon. 03/02 - I Don't Think Streaming Platforms Have Coke Habits

Some investors want Jack out as Twitter CEO. Apple settles a class action lawsuit for half a billion dollars. If you listen regularly, I bet you can guess why some game developers don’t want to work with Stadia. Spotify wants artists to pay to promote their own songs. And ATaT TV is a new way to re-invent the cable bundle. Sponsors: Links: Rajeev Suri to step down as Nokia CEO; Pekka Lundmark to take over (TechCrunch) Singer’s Elliott Seeks to Replace Twitter CEO Dorsey (Bloomberg) Apple to pay up to $500 million to settle U.S. lawsuit over slow iPhones (Reuters) Google's ambitious push into gaming is floundering, and it's due largely to too few games on its Stadia platform — here's why developers have held back (Business Insider) ATaT TV now available nationwide with Android TV set-top box — and a two-year contract (The Verge) Spotify’s Newest Pitch to Labels and Musicians: Now You Pay Us (Bloomberg) The Week in Tech: Coronavirus Disrupts the Industry (NYTimes) Airbnb’s Path to 2020 Stock Listing Imperiled by Coronavirus (Bloomberg) Kuo: iPhone Production Will Not Significantly Improve Until Second Quarter of 2020 (MacRumors)

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