TechByter Worldwide 2015.03.08: Xara Photo and Graphic Designer; BriefMe: Keep Up with News or Follow the Herd; Short Circuits; and Spare Parts.

A new version of Xara Photo and Graphic Designer offers useful new photographic features and updates some of the vector-image features; BriefMe is either the future of journalism or the end of journalism -- or maybe something else entirely. In Short Circuits: People say that they're unimpressed with customer service (This is news?), China's Huawei plans a round watch to compete with Apple's square watch and if you haven't changed your router's default password, Brian Krebbs will explain why you should. Only on the website, in Spare Parts: Fear of crime is pushing some of us to think more about computer security, a Swiss doctor has developed an app to help men assess the risk of prostate cancer, and condom manufacturer Durex say it has an app for orgasms. Seriously.

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