Short Cuts #310 - The Truth About Media Coverage Of Israel (Pt. 2)

CIJA has called-out Canadaland for not adequately denouncing last week's guest. Meanwhile, controversy over coverage of pro-Palestinian demonstrations in Canada. And filmmaker Michelle Latimer launches her inevitable comeback campaign, damn the consequences. Thunder Bay host Ryan McMahon and Independent Jewish Voices' communications lead Aaron Lakoff take over in Jesse's absence.   Further reading: The winner of JHR's Award for Outstanding Work By An Indigenous Youth Reporter is here Michelle Latimer first broke her silence with Globe and Mail's Barry Hertz here Latimer wrote about it "in her own words" here Jorge Barrera followed up on Barry Hertz's story here Ka’nhehsí:io Deer and Jorge Barrera first called out Latimer here This episode is brought to by Kilne, Dispatch and HelloFresh. Support CANADALAND: See for privacy information.

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