Ep. 360 - How An Extreme Catholic News Site Went Full QAnon

LifeSiteNews may be the biggest Canadian news outlet you’ve never heard of — a kind of Breitbart for traditionalist Catholics. A new investigation published by the Canadian Anti-Hate Network shows how LifeSite, which has its roots in an anti-abortion lobby group, has grown. It’s become a megaphone for an anti-LGBTQ+ movement. And as it has collided with the far-right infosphere, it has platformed anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic and white nationalist voices, and embraced Trumpism and QAnon. CAHN investigator Hazel Woodrow joins Jesse to talk about her report. This episode was brought to you by Hover, Kilne and Freshbooks. Additional music by Audio Network. Support CANADALAND: http://canadalandshow.com/join See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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