COMMONS: The Police - Dirty Tricks

A teenage boy and his friends start robbing banks in Toronto. A future Prime Minister is deported from Montreal. A Black Panther in Baltimore goes to prison for four decades. And the RCMP is split apart by the biggest scandal in the force's history.  At the heart of it all is one man. He calls himself the General.  Featured in this episode: Ricky Atkinson, David Austin, Robin Philpot, Lennox Farrell, Gary Cristall  To learn more: The Life, Crimes and Hard Times of Ricky Atkinson, Leader of the Dirty Tricks Gang by Richard Atkinson with Joe Fiorito Fear of a Black Nation: Race, Sex a Security in Sixties Montreal by David Austin  Ninth Floor by Mina Shum  Marshall Law: The Life a Times of a Baltimore Black Panther by Marshall “Eddie” Conway    Additional music from Audio Network Support CANADALAND: See for privacy information.

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