Ep. 350 - Loblaws Will Eat Us All

The Westons might be Canada’s Jeff Bezos, argues Vass Bednar, and not just because they’re very rich. They own Loblaw, which is much more than a grocer. It’s an insurance company, a bank, a medical cannabis company and a media company. When you put it all together, that amounts to the largest private ownership of data in Canada. Loblaw knows a lot about you. Isn't it time to learn more about them?  Bednar is executive director of the Master in Public Policy at McMaster University, and writes the newsletter “regs to riches.” This episode was brought to you by the Urban Alliance on Race Relations, Squarespace, and Article. Additional music by Audio Network. Support CANADALAND: http://canadalandshow.com/join See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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