The Importance of your why with Aqeelah Harron Ally aka Fashionbreed

In this episode of The Life Things Podcast Keagan Kingsley Carlin and Thithi Nteta talk to Aqeelah Harron Ally aka Fashionbreed. An OG of the blog and content industry in South Africa, Aqeelah has and continues to contribute so much to the industry, through her blog, YouTube channel and gorgeous Instagram account.Having recently written an e-book titled BOOKED. BUSY. VERIFIED. E-BOOK which you can buy on, Aqeelah has over a decade of experience as a digital content creator and in her book she shares openly and generously because of her passion for the digital creative space growing. In her own words she says “I want voices to be given to the people, for creatives to be paid, for people to pave their own paths, write their own rules, share their passion and earn a living while doing it. I want to see entrepreneurs succeed.”

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