Live with the Progressive Army! Recap of the Democratic Town Hall

On today’s live broadcast the Progressive Army will cover Ben’s thoughts following the South Carolina Democratic Town Hall, Supreme Court (SCOTUS) appointment issues and obstruction by the GOP, Obama on Guantanamo Bay, a case of mistaken identity in Egypt, Ben Carson claims he’s blacker than Obama, a former aide to Michigan governor, Rick Scott, discusses causes of Flint water crisis, a 14-year old survivor of the Kalamazoo shooting hangs on in critical condition, Bernie might suffer from students being on Spring Break vacation during primaries / caucuses in certain college towns, and candy company Mars recalls candy bars in 55 countries.If you enjoyed today’s show, please subscribe a share so you don’t miss our upcoming broadcasts. We’ll be bringing live content during the week and live special event coverage whenever the politics of the day demand it.#ProgressiveArmy, let’s do this!

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